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This photo shoot was very meaningful to me. This is Jessica… or “Jess”. Jess worked at a restaurant in Minneapolis with me and she was loved by everyone. She works really hard and she was nice to everyone. She was moving back to her home state and she was going to be missed very much. I have never seen Jess wear much makeup or even a dress. I thought that it would be nice to get her in a dress and take photos of her before she left. I still can not believe she said yes. We got her in this cute bohemian style dress and and started shooting around our neighborhood in Minneapolis. About 10 minutes in it started to pour rain. We kept shooting and it was way more fun than expected. I found out the day after that that the day of the shoot was also her birthday. It was a really great time and Jess looks damn good in a dress.


Cierra Rose
Cierra Rose

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